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Trading Dashboard


My Role

October - January 2021

Product Designer


Orion's trading software had 7 different dashboards, none of which were used often by users.



Investors at Orion

Product manager and lead dev


Consolidate the trading dashboards into one, and provide a more personalized experience for users.


I first reviewed the current design (only 2 of the 7 dashboards shown below).

Overview dashboard
Portfolio dashboard
Gainsight analytics

Similar to Google analytics, I used Gainsight to evaluate quantitative statistics, looking at 3 main aspects:

1. How often the items on each dashboard were clicked on
2. How often users went to the various dashboards
3. How long users spent on each dashboard

Interviews and surveys

Another Orion dashboard had recently gone through a revamp, so I used those interviews and surveys to better understand what my user’s wanted in a dashboard and what they liked and disliked about the new dashboard.


Collected inspiration

For inspiration, I reviewed how other Orion software organized dashboards, as well as collected images of other analytic based dashboards.

Design exploration

After deciding what my dashboard would include from my research, I created many different versions of the dashboard that I then got feedback on from my fellow designers.


I started designing the other interactions available within the dashboard, creating a personalized experience.

External usability tests

I conducted 4 external tests that I divided into two parts; answering interview questions and completing tasks in the prototype. Afterward, I organized my notes in an affinity diagram within Notion to find patterns in the responses.

Maze test

As I did not get as many tests as I needed, I sent out a survey and usability test within Maze, receiving 6 more responses.

Finalizing the design

Based off the user feedback I received, I created a finalized design of the dashboard, adding in the remainder of the interactions needed (such as empty and loading states).

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