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I am an interaction designer with experience in product design and graphic design. I graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA in graphic design, but with a focus in interaction design. At Orion Advisor Solutions, I work as a product designer, finding creative solutions through research and iteration

My passions lie with strategic thinking. I believe no idea is too outrageous to at least consider. I am highly research based and user-centered in my design practice, which I believe ultimately determines the best solutions. 

When not designing, I enjoy traveling, reading, and cooking. I spend my time listening to way too much 70s music on my record player. My favorite activity, though, is playing with my two furry daughters, my cats. 

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Orion Advisor Solutions, 2019-Now

Product designer

Pacific Northwest College of Art and Design, Portland, OR | Fall 2015 -
Spring 2019

Zürich University of the Arts, 2018

BFA Communications Design

Concept designs partnering with various outside companies

Zürich University of the Arts, Zürich, Switzerland | Spring 2018 - Fall 2018

Quantum Inc, 2014-2015, 2017

Study Abroad: Interaction Design

Graphic design intern

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